Game Dev for Good

Discord Server

We are a community server for indie game devs dedicated to developing games in positive and sustainable ways.

Our Goals

Positivity & Productivity

We aim to counter the harmful trends in the game dev industry and provide a positive and productive space for our members to:🌼 Connect
🌼 Share resources
🌼 Give and receive feedback
🌼 Gain accountability and encouragement
🌼 Achieve their game dev goals in ways that are good for our collective humanity

Our Values

People over Profit

✅ People focused
✅ SFW & semi-professional
✅ Love making & playing games!
❌ Anti-bigotry and dehumanization
❌ Anti-web3, crypto and NFTs
❌ Anti-crunch and exploitation

Our Members

Diverse & Dedicated

☑️ All skillsets, experience levels and backgrounds
☑️ Diverse voices and marginalized identities, including LGBTQ+ and BIPOC
☑️ International with a local group in NYC

Want to join our community? Fill out the short Google Form in the link below!